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Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Right Man by Anne Whitfield

The Right Man by Anne Whitfield


Molly Daniels is on summer holiday in a small town in the country to recover from a broken marriage. She’s hurt, disillusioned, and unsure of her future. The last thing she is looking for is a man.

Sebastian Lord is the town’s most eligible bachelor, a title he hates. Having given up a successful career in the city, he now owns a small farm and is content to hide away there, away from the real world that has hurt him in the past. Since his fiancĂ© was killed four years ago, he’s refused to enter the dating game again.

An unlikely pair, Seb’s newly adopted and wayward dog has an uncanny habit of bringing the two together.  Though each has their own doubts, they give into the call of a strong, mutual attraction and share a hot summer together, but can they shed past hurts to embrace future happiness together?


As the tractor jerked forward, Molly quickly clung to his shoulders. The firm feel of them beneath her fingers sent a delicious tingle throughout her body. If she leant forward, she could see straight down his bare chest and the glistening sweat that beaded there. Her insides clenched, and she grew hot and moist at the very core of her body. She closed her eyes in acute pleasure and pain of being near him and wanting him, yet unable to have him.
Again the reaction to him knocked her for six. Of course, there had been attraction between her and Mike, but never like this, never these mind-numbing, nerve-tingling sensations from a mere glance. Being close to Sebastian made her a little crazy.  She wanted to do things that would never normally enter her mind. Thoughts of running her tongue down his taut stomach or—
“Hold on, there’s a bit of a bump here.”  His call brought her back to the present, and her face grew hotter at what she had been thinking.
 Molly swayed as the tractor rumbled down a shallow water rut and up again.  She’d never ridden on a tractor before, and the bumping experience made her chuckle.  Adrenalin sizzled through her, bringing everything into sharper focus—the smell of the tractor’s engine, the scent of crushed grass, the musky deodorant he wore.
The heat of the day paled, the problems of her failed marriage seemed no longer important as Sebastian glanced over his shoulder and winked at her.  Who would have thought that the simple act of riding a tractor with a handsome guy would give her such joy?
He drove into the yard and around the back of the old farmhouse into the large barn. Once inside he cut the engine, and the calm, lazy noises of summer regained control again. He climbed down and then held out his hand to help her.
Stepping down beside him, she looked up into his eyes and grinned. “I enjoyed that.”
“I’m glad.” His gaze dropped to her lips and Molly could only stare and wonder if he could read the desire in her eyes. Surely he could?
Her whole body came alive, clamoring for his attention, his touch. His hand still held hers, and she didn’t want to break the contact. They stood close, only inches apart. His bare chest so tantalisingly near, and she wanted to feel it beneath her fingertips, to lick, and kiss the bronzed skin. He was like a sickness and she had no cure. Perhaps she should have wild sex with him to get him out of her system. Mike had done it all through their marriage. It was just sex, he would say. Just sex, it meant nothing…

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