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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Tweet! By Ritch Gaiti

“Tweet”: one quirky guy takes on big business in a very funny novel
“Tweet” relates a witty and sometimes absurd look into one man’s quest to fight back against big business. The entertaining book is a funny romp through the modern world that engulfs us: the powerless consumer, over-saturated advertising, incessant marketing and big business that has become deaf to the individual. “Tweet” mocks the overwhelming presence of commercialism into the average individual’s life--and his inability to avoid it.

Benhamish Allen’s review on Amazon: “Tweet seeks to answer our questions about change and does so on the border of being fantastically absurd while also humorous, one of my favorite combinations.”

Did you ever feel like you didn't count with big business or the government?  Glebe, the driving force in “Tweet”, just wanted to make a difference and he stumbled on a simple answer to a very pervasive problem. A midlife Jewish ex-adman, Glebe partners with Hartwick, a black homeless guy living in a refrigerator box in midtown Manhattan. Together, they embark on a journey that is totally plausible, definitely relevant, and very funny, as they become the voice of the people and take on everything that irks us.

They just asked people ‘if you could change one thing, what would that be?’ and the world opened up. And their target included everything from dumb advertising, to incessant telephone calls, the economy, and being lost in the automated phone jungle. They even take on the vestigial penny.  It could have stopped there but, through the power of today's weapons, Twitter and the web, it grew into the first worldwide boycott.  Glebe just wanted to make a difference - and he wound up changing the world.

“Tweet” is available as an ebook (ISBN 978-0-615-43704-0) and paperback (ISBN 978-0-983-38370-3).
Published by Sedona Editions, (

About the Author

Ritch Gaiti ( writes about of the world that we touch everyday--- making the things that frustrate us the most, suddenly understandable, fixable and funny. He has also written “Points: Women have them, men need them,” a tongue-in-cheek relationship book which can help you ‘be successful in this marriage and all of your future marriages’.

Gaiti has written screenplays and many articles for national magazines and has been featured on national radio and TV, including the Today Show. He is also a recognized artist of western art, exhibiting in several galleries and museums throughout the country. His portfolio can be viewed on <> .

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