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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Surrender To Destiny by Maggi Andersen

Surrender To Destiny by Maggi Andersen.

Two actor’s lives begin to parallel the characters in Surrender to Destiny, the movie they are making of a Victorian murder story. Astrid Leclair and Dylan Shaw are irresistibly drawn to one another and their passionate scenes steam up the screen. 

In Victorian London, Giovanna Russo finds herself penniless on the streets, fighting for independence in a city where a woman’s choices are few. London with its smoggy, dark alleyways is a dangerous place for a girl to be, but now it’s got more personal, someone wants her dead. 

When Blair Dunleavy, a wealthy, Irish gentleman sees Gina Russo in her stepfather’s painting, he includes her in his plans for the perfect life. A wife in Ireland and a mistress in London. But the best laid plans...

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